07 | Sustainability agenda

Hafnia’s sustainability goals

Outside of our focus on decarbonisation, Hafnia has many other objectives and initiatives aimed at increasing our contributions to sustainable development. We shaped a sustainability strategy that recognises that our growth must balance social, economic and environmental sustainability – not only be- cause these considerations are intertwined with our bottom line but also because that is what is best for society.

The figure below describes how our operations and strategy aligns with the sustainable development goals.

Security at Sea

We believe in protecting our crew and assets from risks in troubled times and waters
How we strive to realise our belief:

Fleet-wide initiatives to ensure the security of all our people in the face of piracy, especially in High-Risk Areas (HRAs)

Installation of ARX barriers onboard our vessels, to prevent pirates from latching on

Zero fatalities due to security incidents

Zero casualties due to security incidents

Zero days lost due to security incidents


Avoiding pollution to sea

We believe in protecting our oceans and seas from pollution arising from our operations
How we strive to realise our belief:

Zero spills to sea

Zero non-compliance with IMO Ballast Water. Management Convention

Zero non-compliance with MARPOL Annex I (oil), II (noxious liquid substances), and IV (sewage) regulations


Regulatory Compliance

We believe in full compliance with international maritime regulations and sanctions
How we strive to realise our belief:

2020 US VGP year end report uploaded successfully

2020 EU MRV and IMO DCS reports uploaded and complied

IHM – All vessels certified HKC and EUSRR IMO Chemical code – All vessels certified

Zero non-compliance with relevant international sanctions


Reducing emissions to air

We believe in reducing our environmental impact and complying with all global emissions regulations
How we strive to realise our belief:

In addition to our vessel optimisation measures we’re actively participating in the Getting to Zero Coalition and Rainmaking’s innovation program


Ship Recycling

We believe in ensuring that all ship recycling is conducted in compliance with the Hong Kong Convention
How we strive to realise our belief:

Zero non-compliance with Hong Kong Convention

All ships certified for Hong Kong Convention and EU Ship Recycling Regulations


Reducing Plastic Waste & Garbage

We believe in ensuring clean seas and reducing plastic waste on board
How we strive to realise our belief:

Zero non-compliance with MARPOL Annex V (garbage) regulations

Reduced plastic waste by 1.3% below 2019 levels


We believe in fostering a culture of innovation and creativity at Hafnia

A culture of innovation and creativity is crucial to fulfilling our environmental, social and economic sustainability goals, especially given our ambition and commitment to acting towards these goals.

We kicked off the Women in Maritime Lab innovation program and invited applications from all around the world to solve challenges faced by women in maritime. We received 56 ideas from teams comprising of an average of three participants. There were 18 global companies and schools represented in the program.

Hafnia has also partnered with Arq to accredit and introduce Arq Fuel as a key blend component for marine fuels, as part of their shared and ongoing commitment to decarbonisation. Arq has developed a novel and patented technology that transforms environmentally damaging coal waste into a micro-fine hydrocarbon powder (Arq Fuel). After securing the required accreditations, trials scheduled for mid-2021 aim to confirm Arq Fuel’s compatibility for the approximately 450 vessels for which Hafnia procures fuels.

Hafnia has partnered with Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) to develop 3D Printing capabilities. These capabilities will be used to produce spare parts and other essential shipboard items. With this partnership, we do not need to incur costs to store the spare onboard, nor wait for spares with extended lead time. The partnership offers a cost-effective platform with faster lead times for parts, zero inventory and reduced environmental footprint.


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