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Through its quarterly appraisal dialogues, Hafnia encourages managers and employees to mutually reflect on how to develop each employee’s talents in service of the organisation. During these dialogues, employees discuss how they can develop in specific focus areas through our tailor-made talent development programs, which include:

  • Additional training/courses
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Job rotation
  • Overseas attachments
  • Networks
  • Career and succession planning
  • Increase feedback sessions
  • Promotions
With our People First approach, we believe in hiring for attitude and training for skills

Leadership training

Hafnia’s ‘Ambitious Leadership Programme’ was introduced in 2020. All leaders with direct reporting lines joined a three-hour kick-off session with the management team where our CEO set the scene for the programme, its scope and purpose. The programme is structured to focus on developing leadership capabilities, enhancing value-based leadership through CARE (Collaboration, Ambitious, Reliable, Enduring), personal and team development.


Diversity strategy

In Hafnia, we believe that multicultural diversity and inclusion are a part of our CARE values resulting in engaged and motivated colleagues leading to higher retention, creativity, innovation and performance. Hafnia employees represent 19 countries, and 34% of our shore-based employees are female. Hafnia is committed to increased diversity within the shipping industry and has thus signed the ‘Charter for More Women in Shipping’.

Our management and board understand that diversity initiatives are key to attracting the best talent. We engage employees at all levels of the organisation so that future leaders in the shipping industry have diverse role models to aspire towards.

By 2024 we aim to have female-identifying persons forming at least 40% of the organisation, including in key management positions.

In the fall of 2020, Hafnia, BW Group, and Shell collaborated to run a first-of-its-kind diversity innovation programme called ‘Women in Maritime Lab’. The programme aimed to scout innovative ideas from people of all genders on the challenges faced by women in the maritime industry – both at sea and ashore. Teams were shortlisted to participate in a virtual innovation sprint after submitting their proposals online.

We received 56 proposals from teams representing 18 companies and schools from all around the world. Seven teams were selected to participate in the hackathon. A panel of judges selected the winning proposal. The winning team was “Seacode”, a team comprising seafarers from Turkey and onshore staff from Shell. Their idea, an anti-harassment app, will be further developed, tested and prototyped by Hafnia, BW LNG and Shell.

Our management and board understand that diversity initiatives are key to attracting the best talent and engaging employees as role models at all levels of the organisation

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