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Hafnia is fully committed to building trust and awareness within the investor community, by ensuring that Investor Relations is conducted according to relevant rules, regulations and recommended practices. To enhance investors’ understanding of Hafnia’s performance, the Company strives to disclose to the investor community as much relevant information as is possible, in a timely, accurate, appropriate and transparent manner.

Hafnia adopts the practice of regularly communicating any significant events or developments in its businesses and operations through the appropriate media. Such channels include news releases, annual reports and direct announcements. Hafnia’s website has a dedicated ‘Investor Relations’ section, which features past financial results, financial releases, investor tools, financial calendar and analyst coverage. The Investor Relations team’s contact details are available in the dedicated section, as well as in the annual report, to facilitate shareholders to contact Hafnia easily.

Hafnia recognises the importance of maintaining good stakeholder relationships and adopts an inclusive active approach to engaging with the investor community. This helps fosters communication so that stakeholders can better understand Hafnia’s operations, strategies and directions, which build trust and contribute to reduced costs of capital for the Company.


Dividend policy

Hafnia targets a quarterly dividend based on a pay-out ratio of 50% of annual net profit, adjusted for extraordinary items. The final amount of dividend is to be decided by the Board of Directors. In addition to cash dividends, the Company may buy back shares as part of its total distribution.

In deciding whether to declare a dividend and determining the dividend amount, the Board of Directors will take into account the Group’s capital requirements, including capital expenditure commitments, financial condition, general business conditions, legal restrictions, and any restrictions under borrowing arrangements or other contractual arrangements in place at the time.


Composition of shareholders

As of 28 February 2021, Hafnia had 1,279 registered shareholders. Below is a list of the 20 largest shareholders as per 28 February 2021:

# Shareholder Name No. of Shares Percentage (%)
1 BW GROUP LIMITED 246,106,112 66.47%
2 PAG Tankers Limited 20,411,403 5.51%
3 J.P. Morgan Securities LLC 12,201,707 3.30%
4 Hafnia Limited 7,179,946 1.94%
5 The Bank of New York Mellon 7,112,137 1.92%
6 Northwharf Nominees Limited 6,973,800 1.88%
7 Nordea Bank Abp 6,678,213 1.80%
8 PERSHING LLC 3,570,410 0.96%
9 Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB 3,341,447 0.85%
10 PERESTROIKA AS 3,000,000 0.81%
12 CASTEL AS 2,091,258 0.56%
14 State Street Bank and Trust Comp 1,884,286 0.51%
15 Brown Brothers Harriman & Co 1,800,000 0.49%
17 Viking Investments (Cayman) Ltd 1,658,605 0.45%
18 SIX SIS AG 1,617,503 0.44%
19 Nordnet Bank AB 1,495,085 0.40%
20 DNB BANK ASA 1,368,465 0.37%
Other shareholders 35,559,520 9.60%
Total 370,244,325 100%


Financial calendar

Financial year 2020
8 March 2021 Quarterly report – Q4
8 March 2021 Annual report 2020
25 May 2021 Annual general meeting


Financial Year 2021
25 May 2021 Quarterly report – Q1
8 August 2021 Half-yearly report
18 November 2021 Quarterly report – Q3


Investor relations contacts

Board of Directors’ report

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