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People, culture and values

Covid-19 turned 2020 upside down – making it a year nobody could have predicted. At Hafnia, we are proud of how we learned to stand together while staying apart. Like all other shipping companies, we were challenged by the travel restrictions prohibiting our seafarers’ movement and forcing our shore staff to work from home. We believe that the world has yet to see the full effects of Covid-19 and its associated physical and mental health consequences.

At Hafnia, we believe that the business and our employees benefit from an inclusive and diverse working environment. Thus, despite living with confinement restrictions in 2020, our diversity efforts continued. We still maintain our ambition to have employees identifying as female form at least 40% of the organisation, including in key management positions, by 2024.

As part of Hafnia’s effort to promote equality, we have introduced measures to improve wage equality during our compensation and benefits review. Management is firmly committed to eliminating any differences in pay based on gender.

We also stand united towards the shared goal of eliminating corruption and bribery in the maritime industry. We recognise that this is not something we can achieve on our own. A global coalition is necessary to stop such a pervasive problem. In 2011, the industry formed the MACN (Maritime Anti-Corruption Network), to work towards an industry free of corruption and to enable fair trade to benefit the society at large. Hafnia joined the MACN in 2014 and continues to contribute and participate as an active member of the network.

At Hafnia we strive to “C A R E” – to be Collaborative, Ambitious, Reliable, and Enduring. We aim to integrate these values in our day-to-day operations and our strategy moving forward. As part of this integration effort, we initiated a value-based leadership programme in 2020 for all shore-based employees with leadership responsibilities.

Prioritising employee wellbeing is not the only way that Hafnia puts people first. The People, Culture & Strategy team has recently launched several initiatives to bring people closer to each other and to gain a broader understanding of the industry. One such initiative is the new ‘Hafnia Employee Assistance Programme’, which aims to assist employees who experience work- or family-related challenges.

Our employees comprises of 19 nationalities and 34% of our shore-based employees are female

Hafnia believes in …

Workforce Diversity

We believe in creating an inclusive work environment and culture where differences are celebrated, and cross-cultural best practices are developed

How we strive to realise our belief:

Hafnia is a proud participant of the Charter for More Women in Shipping, an initiative organised by Danish Shipping to encourage more women to join the shipping industry. The “Taskforce for More Women at Sea” has also put together ten recommendations that aim to help attract new women and to retain those who are already working in the industry. As a signee to the Charter, Hafnia has committed to establishing goals for the number of women in our employment and to drawing up concrete actions that they will undertake to reach these goals

Recruited 13 women across Hafnia offices

Diversifying in nationality and class by selecting cadets from China, India, Philippines and Romania

Ensuring equal workplace environment for exist- ing female employees (10 in-house fleet vessels, 12 in external fleet, 34% of shore-based staff)

Organised Women in Maritime Lab, an innovation program to tackle challenges faced by women in maritime

Customer Relations

We believe in building trust with customers so that we can be relied upon whenever they need us

How we strive to realise our belief:

Continued fast and accurate responses to customer queries

Zero negative external feedback on poor customer service Customer appreciation events

Virtual Pool Board meetings and technical committee meetings

Ensuring optimal availability of vessels for our customers Zero delay in planned dry dockings

Zero Port State detention

Zero delay in planned maintenance onboard vessel

≤ 4 SIRE inspection observations per vessel

Talent Development and Retention

We believe in finding and developing people who will thrive within the Hafnia culture and push the business to greater heights.

How we strive to realise our belief:

Invest in the continuous development of employees to learn new skills

Support maritime universities by employing their trained cadets

Project to enhance workplace for women in maritime

Support for women taking up maritime education

Promoting from within: 17 Promotions within Hafnia Shore side; 152 Promotions on the Seafarers Side

Ambitious Leadership programme launched for leaders with direct reports

Sponsorship of courses to employees for personal and career development

Employee Wellness

We believe in continuously improving the physical and mental health of our staff at sea and on shore

How we strive to realise our belief:

Hafnia Wellness Program – An initiative to promote the physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing of our staff

All vessels complete 52-week workbooks with activities that foster good mental and physical health, with seafarers rewarded by prizes for participation

Mental health helpline provided to seafarers

Culture and Values

We believe in making Hafnia one of the best places to work, where we treat each other with respect and work together to deliver the industry of tomorrow

How we strive to realise our belief:

Town Hall Meetings reinforcing Hafnia Values and Culture

Line managers reinforcing Culture and Values

Care packages sent out to office staff during Covid-19 lockdowns

Monthly celebration and engagement organised to ensure continuous interaction given the changes in work arrangements

Year-end celebrations organised in countries where allowed

Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery

We believe in eliminating corruption and bribery faced by the maritime industry

How we strive to realise our belief:

Hafnia opposes all forms of corruption and is a member of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN), a global business network working towards the vision of a maritime industry free of corruption that enables fair trade to the benefit of society at large

Zero facilitation payments in 2020

Roundtable meeting between BW companies to share learnings and refine strategy

Global communication to commemorate UN Anti-Corruption Day

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