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Hafnia has long-standing relationships with leading global financial institutions, which, together with the company’s strong reputation, enables Hafnia to secure attractive financing regarding both structure and terms. This enhances our ability to move quickly to ensure investment opportunities.

The sale and purchase team drives Hafnia’s investments, providing analysis to the management on sale and purchase activities, leaseback transactions, and newbuild opportunities.

In 2020, we focused on divesting older tonnage and securing projects with long-term contracts that focused on next-generation dual-fuel tonnage.


We have also created a culture of innovation at Hafnia by encouraging employees to constantly experiment and suggest new ways of meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs.


In addition, we scout for potential partnership opportunities with start-ups and other industry majors to accelerate our internal initiatives and tackle some of the significant challenges faced by shipping industry today.


By solving everyday problems with innovative solutions, we save costs and increase job satisfaction

Strategy 2021

The ability to discover and fulfil unmet customer needs in a competitive market is what has brought Hafnia to its position as the world’s leading listed product tanker company. Hafnia’s strategy is to grow its market share and profits through product and service innovation.

At Hafnia, we will continue to focus on new business opportunities, emphasising our edge in long-term contracts, innovative solutions, and adjacent businesses.

People, culture, and values

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