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At sea

By the end of 2020, we had 1,812 seafarers employed on Hafnia’s 46 internally managed ships. Additionally, 40 vessels are managed by external technical managers, adding 1,661 to our total number of seafarers.

Our seafarers maintain the value and quality of our vessels, playing a critical role alongside our land-based colleagues to achieve the safe transportation of our customers’ cargoes. The Covid-19 pandemic has put Hafnia’s seafarers around the world in precarious situations. Hafnia has signed the ‘Neptune Declaration’ in order to work towards resolving crewing challenges alongside other shipowners, the IMO and international labour organisations.

Our team on shore

Hafnia has its operational headquarters in Singapore and has offices in Copenhagen, Houston, Monaco and Mumbai. On shore, Hafnia employs 185 specialists in both technical and corporate support functions, such as chartering, finance, operations, and bunker supply.

Hafnia believes in educating young professionals through a combination of theoretical and practical training. We offer a traineeship program that accepts fresh university graduates on an annual basis. Our trainees go through a 2-year shipping curriculum alternating between lectures and on-site teaching in relevant subjects, including ship knowledge, commercial negotiations, business ethics, economics and maritime law. The trainees go through this curriculum in conjunction with related work experience in various departments at Hafnia. The trainees will rotate through different departments within Hafnia, such as chartering, operations and our bunker desk. They will also be exposed to other departments such as claims, controls and projects to gain a well-rounded and holistic understanding of how a modern shipping company works. This allows the trainees to continue expanding their maritime education while supplementing it with practical hands-on commercial experience.


Hafnia has 1,812 seafarers from 17 nationalities.

Talent development

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The product tanker market

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